Hot Dots Cookware from Lake Industries… so hot it’s cool.

Introducing Hot Dots Cookware, the newest innovation in cooking technology from Lake Industries. “Hot Dots” utilizes state of the art manufacturing processes to provide for the quickest and most even conduction of heat of any cookware available on the retail market. Going beyond traditional multi-ply cookware “Hot Dots” adds a thick aluminum disk which is impact bonded to the base of the tri-ply body under hundreds of thousands of pounds of pressure. The base is then encapsulated with a 0.6mm layer of magnetic-induction capable stainless steel. Why is that important? We’re glad you asked. This combination of stainless clad aluminum core body plus encapsulated base is rare in and of itself but Lake Industries goes one step further with the “Hot Dots”, partially exposing the aluminum disk in the form of holes or “dots”, thereby allowing the flame direct contact with the aluminum facilitating quicker heat conductivity not just at the base but throughout the entire pan. 




Three ply construction with aluminum core and T-304 stainless steel for the most hygienic cooking surface available.


Stay Cool

Handles designed to stay cool and offer ergonomic comfort



Durable stainless steel interior and exterior is non-porous, non-reactive and easy to maintain



Fitted lids deliver a precision seal


Lifetime Warranty

against defects in workmanship and materials

Hot Dots Technology

Innovative “Hot Dots” transfer heat directly from the cooktop to the aluminum core, increasing heat conduction throughout the pan and resulting in improved cooking times.